About Us

C.A.R.E approach
Callipyge (Kal-uh-pij-ee)  
All of our products are created, cut, and crafted on Canadian soil. Always have been, always will be. The locally produced products are crafted with environmental sustainability being a precursor for all material selection, shipping supplies, and longevity with supplies sourced through Canadian companies when possible. 
The company was started by Scott Ruttle due to a passion for woodworking and design. While helping at a friends heli snowboard company in Thompson Pass, Alaska he realized his woodworking skills were appreciated by those around him.  The following years were the beginning stages of research and development at Callipyge (Kal-uh-pij-ee).   
Callipyge is made with longevity and sustainability being of upmost importance. The standards we set for ourselves is to build products that have life to them through aesthetics and duration. You will also be able to purchase with peace of mind knowing we will make ethical environmental decision.  
Every time you buy something you vote with your money and that is why Callipyge Collection chooses to buy the most environmentally sensitive products . From water based lacquers, low volatile organic compound paints, vegetable tanned leathers, plant based epoxy's, North American wood suppliers, all the way to shipping and packaging methods, and sustainable manufacturing practices. 
A company can never be perfect with their environmental impact although we can strive to always be better. 
Through trial and error Callipyge Collection intends to have a compostable product line.